Record New Meds in development

More than 300 meds in development in USA for autoimmune diseases, says report
A new report from US trade group Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America (PhRMA) and the Lupus Foundation of America reveals that there are 311 medicines and vaccines being developed by US companies which are in clinical trials or pending review by the Food and Drug Administration for autoimmune diseases.
The report highlights both the progress made in increasing understanding of the immune system and what remains to be learned.
Currently, more than 80 autoimmune diseases have been identified, including psoriasis, lupus and celiac disease, and new scientific advances – led by pharma companies – continue to reveal details that are spurring the development of innovative approaches to treating them, such as how environmental elements can trigger the immune system to attack normal cells.
Stephen Ubl, president and chief executive of PhRMA, said: “The question of why the immune system in some people attacks healthy cells remains top of mind for biopharmaceutical researchers striving to discover new treatments and cures for the 23.5 million Americans affected by an autoimmune disease.
“While there are a number of challenges in diagnosing and treating these diseases, the significant progress that has been made in the last decade provides hope for the future.”
The report finds that of the medicines and vaccines in development in this area, 76 are for autoimmune types of arthritis, 58 are for inflammatory bowel disease, 39 are for lupus, 34 are for type 1 diabetes and 32 are for multiple sclerosis.

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