Johnson & Johnson will do research on autoimmune diseases

The pharmaceutical wing of Johnson & Johnson (JNJ) is expected to work on three research projects cumulatively along with external partners to generate value through diversification of scientific expertise. Presently the company is the leader in surgical equipment, vaccines and other diagnostic tests and if these projects turn into a success, it will aid in understanding the symptoms of the disease even before it strikes within the human body. News sources have shared some of the upcoming plans of Johnson and Johnson’s pharma division on these three different research platforms to fight the so called incurable diseases. Let’s check out what has been shared on these launched projects in hand.

Getting to a breakthrough solution to combat diseases
The New Jersey based pharmaceutical company already has around 10,000 scientists working at its research center and has generated good profits to the tune of $16 billion in the previous year likely to be used as investment in such innovative research programs. In fact, the pharma major wants to build a breakthrough solution in the field of medicinal research and this is the first step being taken to advance in the stated approach.
In its mission of improving lives, J&J is focusing on prevention of disease before the patients start showing any signs of ailment and the three new research platforms would work towards disease prevention, microbiome research and disease interception.
The Janssen Prevention Center of J&J is focusing on life threatening conditions that affect the elderly such as cancer, Alzheimer’s and heart diseases. This center is also working towards strengthening the vaccine development programs for the company.

The second research platform based on microbiome research is aimed on carrying on research on microbiomes, meaning bacteria, which live inside human bodies and play a vital role in maintaining good health. The microbiome research platform would aid in developing potential treatment for diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis as well as several autoimmune disorders.

Janssen Research Global Head, William Hait, commented, “The idea is using powerful diagnostic tests which can understand who is susceptible to disease and then begin to track who is susceptible…”

The third research platform will work towards deciphering the disease susceptibility, assessment of risk and in tackling origin of diseases such as genetic disorders. Sources have confirmed that the disease interception accelerator is collaborating with the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation to seek ways of preventing the Type 1 Diabetes, an autoimmune disease which has several fatal side effects after its onset.
Leading to a brighter future
Since the healthcare market depends on the right identification and interpretation of the signs of attack by microorganisms, such a profound research by J&J will be beneficial for the coming generation impacting individuals and the community positively in the long run. Such an opinion has been rightfully shared by JDRF’s Chief Scientific Officer, Dr. Richard Insel.
This extensive research through three different platforms would surely give J&J an edge over others in the healthcare sector. Dr. Richard Insel suggested, “Decades ago, we never would have been thinking about prevention of this disease, we’re in a very different position today…”
Concluding note
As J&J’s research platforms are testing on three different parameters, the company is hopeful of generating results that would benefit the community largely and would aid in preventing incurable diseases to a considerable extent by understanding their symptoms and working towards removal of such symptoms in people susceptible to such dreadful diseases.  Let’s stay tuned and keep watching how these research platforms aid in destroying the elements of disease at its first encounter in humans.

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