Have a great 2018. Maybe this is the year for new discoveries and breakthroughs that will help cure our diseases. I will keep you informed as new articles regarding autoimmune diseases are published. Also, please visit our other site at autoimmune society.org. You can click on any of the pictures above to learn more on each subject. Please feel free to comment on any postings or write me at bob@autoimmunesociety.org. I sure would like to hear from some of our visitors.

Here is a summary of some of the interesting posts:

Another new article on alopecia caught my eye. As noted below, I have a personal interest in this condition. Also like this this story about another brave girl with this condition.

New studies show a breakthrough in treating alopecia. This is important to me since my granddaughter currently has total hair loss at age 12. She is an amazing child with a positive attitude and has not let her situation affect her life. I feel the new discoveries will help her as she grows older.Like fish? New research shows eating fish might help those with autoimmune issues.

Record new meds in development. Sure is a positive sign that the big Pharm co’s are stepping  up to our cause. Hope it is not just for financial gains.

Interesting article on Crohn’s and fighting pain.

Read about the effects of mold, particularly after experiencing the major hurricanes we have had this season.

I posted a story on the Blog section written by a woman who developed Felty’s disease. It’s a heart-wrenching story worth reading about a brave woman who has learned to cope with her problem.

It has been speculated over the last few years whether vaccines play a part in the dramatic  autoimmune disease in the last four decades. Read the latest theories on this controversy.

A new drug for MS and other autoimmune disorders? New discoveries continue to give us hope.

It is unfortunate that animals can have autoimmune disorders, like humans. This article talks about some of the problems dogs encounter.

Here is a novel approach to  helping our diseases , but be aware it might not be for everyone. I myself think it’s gross.

Check some foods that help fight disease or read about how your diet can be structured to help fight leaky gut..

Wow! Check out a new study that might produce a “pill” to help celiac patients.

Narcolepsy and Autoimmune relationship is interesting news, plus the article on ankylosing spondylitis affecting young women is worth reading.

I can only say this story gives great hope…Scientists discover new drug target for halting multiple sclerosis.

In keeping with my goal to keep you informed, I have included an article I recently read on how acupuncter is being promoted to help threat Crohn’s disease.

Read the new comprehensive update on the progress being made in Therapeutics to treat our diseases.

If you want to explore alternative methods of treating your autoimmune disease, read the interesting article on how diet restrictions may be an alternative to drugs.

New studies finds health risk of drinking green tea if you have  autimmune problems.

Eli Lilly paying South Korean company for new autoimmune drug is promising. These big drug companies don’t waste money gambling on long shots.

More support for Alzheimer’s being an autoimmune disease. Maybe these finding will bring more awareness to our problems.

How to Save Money When You Have an Autoimmune Disease gives you some common sense tips to help with bills.

-Exciting breakthrough news for Celiac sufferers might produce cure for Gluten intolerance. Read the press release and watch the video.

I found the news that they have invented a novel way to inject medication using capsules with micro needle coatings exciting. What a boon to patients if they could eliminate needles. Check our  article on Medication Delivery Could Come in Needle Coated Capsules.

Marijuana use to help fight certain autoimmune diseases continues to be a subject of research. Those patients that use the drug realize the benefits. See my view on this subject in my blog.


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